Rack the Raspberry Pis

Once you have your Pis unpackaged and have installed microSD cards in them, you’re ready to rack them up and get them networked and booted.

  1. Mount one Pi per tier of the stackable case.
  2. Mount the stack to a board, and mount the network switch and USB power supply as well.
  3. Plug each Pi into one of the power supply’s jacks, ensuring all Pis are plugged into a 2A port (skip this step if using a PoE switch and PoE HATs).
  4. Connect each Pi to the network switch using a short network cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6 recommended. Either create your own (here’s a decent guide for the process), or buy them premade.
  5. Run power to the switch and to the USB power supply.
  6. Once the Pis are powered, they should all boot up!