Prepare the Raspberry Pis

After you’ve copied Raspbian Lite (recommended) to the Raspberry Pi’s microSD card (see my guide in the Drupal Pi documentation), you need to:

  1. Find the Raspberry Pi’s IP address (I use Fing for this purpose1), and connect via SSH: ssh pi@[IP-ADDRESS] (default username is pi and default password is raspberry).
  2. Default username is pi and default password is raspberry.
  3. Once logged in, run sudo raspi-config, and follow the prompts:
    1. Select ‘Change User Password’ if you would like to set a different password for the ‘pi’ account.
    2. Set Overclocking options if you so desire.
    3. Select ‘Finish’ and restart the Pi so the filesystem is expanded.

After doing this, you should have a Pi that’s ready to be provisioned!

1 You can also use sudo nmap -sP (replacing with your local network prefix) to scan for the Pi IP addresses. This requires nmap to be installed on your computer. Another option is arp -an.