Everything on this site is being served from a Drupal site, running on a Kubernetes cluster of Raspberry Pi computers, in Jeff Geerling's basement.

Raspberry Pi Dramble - Hero Shot

The Raspberry Pi Dramble (pictured above) is a cluster of Raspberry Pis which has been used for many years as an instructional tool for cluster-based web hosting, highlighting aspects like:

  • Multi-server orchestration (with Ansible)
  • Load balancing (with Nginx)
  • Cluster container orchestration (with Kubernetes)
  • Scalable and resilient website hosting (with Apache and MySQL)
  • High performance CMS running on (very) modest hardware (with Drupal)

You're currently browsing the site as hosted on the fourth major iteration of the Pi Dramble, and this cluster is making it's way around the US for a series of presentations on the above topics, which you can find linked here.

All the code for the cluster (including this website's codebase) is freely available on GitHub:

Please feel free to browse the Wiki and learn more about what it takes to host highly-available websites on a stack of tiny computers in a basement—and why it might or might not be a good idea for you to do it too!